Monday, 28 October 2013


Football and type are two of my favourite words so when I came across this I was overjoyed. This book celebrates both typography and football and is the work of designer Rick Banks aka Face37. It was almost two years in the making and this limited edition of 1000 books comes with its own bespoke cover. This beautiful book is excellent for football obsessed designers just like me!  


Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Over the past two weeks I've been busy designing some branding for my latest University project. Paul Laidlaw (you may have seen him on Bargain Hunt) is opening up his very own auction house right here in Carlisle and needs some branding. So it's been left in the very capable hands of the third year graphic designers at the University. The symbols I designed below are based on hallmarks and makers marks. The abstracted symbols combined with vibrant colours captures some of the energy and excitement during an auction. I have applied my branding across a range of stationery, website and hanging banner.